History of the Care Dependency Scale
The CDS was originally developed in the Netherlands in 1994 as an instrument for care planning. The reason for its development was the fact that nurses were confronted with older patients with increasing needs for care as a result of their health problems. In order to support individual needs and avoid routine provision of care, nurses were interested in a short, practicable instrument to assess patients' dependency on nursing care. Care dependency can be defined as the support which the nurse or care professional offer a patient whose self-care abilities have decreased and whose needs make them to a certain degree dependent, with the aim of restoring this patient's independence in performing self-care. Existing tools were unsuited to providing the specific information needed by nurses, because they were designed to indicate where help was needed without regard to the care dependency status that arises from these needs. In practice, the CDS is intended to be used in the first stage of the caring process as a need and risk assessment tool.
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