Care2Share originated from international research collaboration around the development of the Care Dependency Scale. Care2Share has since 2009 been the natural successor of the European Research Group in Elderly Care (EURECARE), which was established in 1997.
Care2Share is a collaboration between multidisciplinary health care researchers and practitioners of several universities and healthcare institutions all over the world. The mission statement of Care2Share is a further step towards playing an important role in the arena for research in the care for those who are dependent of care or assistance from others.

Through research, Care2Share works towards developing and advancing healthcare and health-promoting activities for those who are dependent of help or assistance from others.
The basic scientific activities of Care 2Share are completing research projects, research supervision, research utilisation in practice and professional training and education. For effective functioning of Care2Share, a dynamic interaction between research and healthcare practice is vital. As research in the care for those who are dependent of care or assistance from others cuts across professions, the Care2Share members are derived from several disciplines, these include nurses, therapists and others. Care2Share’s research is concerned with issues of patient care, with an emphasis on measuring and evaluating dependency with the aim of promoting independence, autonomy and quality of life.

Care2Share will offer an international and interdisciplinary network with colleagues across the world for continuing development of instruments, professional skills and practical applications. The objectives of Care2Share are:

  1. Strengthening research collaboration and research methods in the field for those who are dependent of care or assistance from others;
  2. Enhancement and development of healthcare practice for the aforementioned target group;
  3. Sharing ideas and knowledge;
  4. Acting as a review committee for supervision to Care2Share members working with scientific research and applied research.
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